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Sharp 6′ o clock in the morning, from waking up kids to breakfast, and from waving them to school to husband’s last minute office prep, all the housewives must be at their one toe. Being a housewife may be a big title for many, but being JUST a housewife is not enough for some women. Unfortunately, I am among the second category.

Endless daily chores like cooking, cleaning, serving, taking care of home and family members, spending quality time with children, helping them in their studies and many more won’t require as much time as most house wives usually think. Very often, we heard women always complaining about shortage of time and their hectic routine throughout the day and sometimes even throughout the week. This could be easily managed by following a proper timetable and a certain discipline to spend a particular day.

For housewives in my category, there is always a need to redefine ourselves, but how? An urge to do something productive but doesn’t want to compromise on family and kids, is a problem of many housewives. In this regard, the options to work from or at home could be of significance. Mostly women are using conventional methods of working as well as earning like home tuitions, self businesses like cooking, designing clothes, handicrafts and beauty salons. However, these self businesses usually required lot more effort and long term span to get the fruit. On the other hand, at-home jobs are a lot easier and convenient option in comparison. The idea to earn a paycheck without even leaving a home is absolutely luxurious.

However, most work -at home jobs only requires very little when compare to other businesses especially when it comes to convenience. Anyone can work whenever and wherever according to his ease. All you need is a computer, a good Internet connection, some basic computer skills and most importantly an attitude to work. The biggest advantage of home working is to help parents who have childcare responsibilities and it can also provide an opportunity for disable to work easily and thus increase the access to a wider group of people.

Amount of stress is considerably less at home because of having meal and family at greatest ease. Educated mothers and housewives who are willing to work from home can get an opportunity and a large hidden segment of society could also contribute in economic growth in this way.

For those who just come up with an idea to work online. First check the credibility of the website which is offering working online. The methods of getting register to work, is lame and fraud.

There is a dire need to open the avenues in Pakistan also in this hi tech era where even smart phones are also playing key role in promoting education and employment, there should be easy to work environment and it would benefit those who are ready to make a way into different fields but just want a right opportunity. Pakistan is among those countries that have number of opportunities; the need is to evaluate those strategies which evolved in other developed countries years ago.


The World suffers a lot. Not because of the violence of bad people, but because of the silence of good people!! ¬†— Napoleon¬†

And I am one that good people too!!